Thursday, 22 June 2017

Oh well hey there.

I was reminded by someone recently of how much blogging can help. Especially a blog like this that no one reads, where I can just dump the contents of my brain all over it, and there's pretty much no repercussions. I put the link on Twitter, which only about 3 people I like actually use, and it's more or less guaranteed that no one will see it. 

Anyway. I had the best of intentions for this year I really did. I vaguely remember writing a post at the end of the year, bragging on and on about how well I was doing in life and how that was something I was going to carry on well in to 2017 as well. But instead, my entire 2017, my heart, emotions and everything in my life just came crashing down around me. On February 1st, at just about 7.30pm my Nan had a stroke, which in time would leave her with no use of her left side. During her time in hospital with the stroke it was discovered that she had end stage lung cancer with a spread to her spine. After a month in hospital, she came home to a nursing bed in the living room of our house, and carers looking after her during the day. All of a sudden my life became this chaos of looking after her, leaving the house in relays so she was never left alone, sitting by her bedside, making her cups of tea and helping her drink them (much to her frustration) and chasing down various carers and nurses during the day time (or the one time I waited for a nurse until nearly midnight.) On the 19th of March in the early hours of Sunday morning, she passed away relatively peacefully at home, where she had always wanted to be. I've been through the grieving process before, but this is something else entirely. I've never felt such loss and heartbreak as I did during the whole experience. My Nan was my buddy. I told her all the time that she was my best friend, her and my grandad were both like second sets of parents to me. The hardest day by all accounts was her funeral. All I could do the entire service was stare at her coffin and try to beam messages to her of how much I love her and how much I miss her.

One day when Nan was still in hospital I went down for an X-ray with her as she didn't want to go alone. Just me and her in the room we spoke about things that we never had done before, mainly, her telling me that I need to stand up for myself against everyone. I had forgotten this conversation, and I was probably using excuses for things far too much. I was reminded of this the other day by someone, the same person who reminded me that this blog existed actually. I'm pretty good now at being brave in some areas of my life thanks to my Nan. I've been accepted on to an Access To Nursing college course, to go for my nursing degree, in the hopes of becoming a palliative care nurse. I can even sometimes make my own phone calls to hairdressers or work etc. I still prefer to do things by written word, not spoken, but that's just me. 

However there are some aspects of my life where I know no bravery exists whatsoever. I sometimes want to sit here and say 'no. But why them/it/this situation?' 'Why haven't you spoken to me in 5 days, do you think this is good enough?' And then there's other times when I'm quite happy to blend in to the background and just keep unnoticed. To be fair, those blending in moments are probably the reason I have any friends left at all. 

I'm not really sure what the point behind this post was in all honesty. I think there were just things I needed to get out. 

Thank god no one reads this.